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Re: Freedom of speech: Can it survive?

Think of it this way...

Male's in most public schools are not allowed to have hair longer than there shirt colar, past there eybrows in teh front, and over there ears on the sides... there justification for this rule is "its Distracting" so why is it that guys having long hair is distracting while girls having long hair isnt? its the same fucking thing, it's simply elderly people havign the mindset that guys with long hair MUST be gay, beocus ethey want to look like girls.

Same with earings, in most public schools guys cant wear earings, again, ebcouse its "Distracting" while women can wear 10 foot in diameter hoops and be perfectly fine.

heres another one, i have a freind, his name is james, he has extremely curly hair, he grew his hair out and had an afro, he was kicked out of school for it, while i have another freind, named jermaine who is black, who also had an afro, which was several inches largher than jame's, was he told to cut his? no, becouse its perfectly fine for black people to have afros.. he ended up cutting his simply becous eof what they did to james, we all went to the schoolboard about it, they said to leave, "its not our problem"

teh public school systems in this country dont give a flying fuck about the rights of people.

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