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Re: Naruto's new jutsu: Adding wind element to rasengan.

I believe once Naruto learns how to combine the wind element with the Resengan, he will not only get a new ultimate jutsu, he will gain, basically, complete control of his chakra like never before. It won't be Naruto with a new jutsu, it will be a NEW Naruto all together.

Here's what Yamato said, "The lesson is: When a shinobi can combine both nature and shape manipulation, their strength increases exponentially. But, there are very few shinobi who can do both."

To me, that says that a ninja's overall power will explode in all aspects once he is able to do this. Kishi would not have added that Naruto could surpass Kakashi with this training if it wasn't going to happen.

This training doesn't JUST give him a new jutsu, but drastically improves him in all areas of fighting - in my opinion. Remember, this is something Kakashi and the 4th couldn't figure out how to do (and the 4th argubably being the greatest ninja of all and Kakashi with a genius IQ). To be able to do that, he will have to surpass them in the ability to create jutsu's. He WILL have to improve in most areas - this isn't something that can be done out of shear determination or power. This is something that has to be done with skill and, honestly, it will actually force Naruto to use his brain (something he does need to improve upon). This excercise to me will just improve Naruto all around.

Plus, we don't even know what will the jutsu will be like when Naruto is finally able to combine the two manipulations. I doubt it will be just a supped-up Rasengan like the Odoma.
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