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Re: Teh greetest graphics tourny eva!!!!

Originally Posted by Corbenk View Post

Ryan, I am going to give you a zero on everything you for that.
Jaxon, your new name is karen, keep those fantisies to yourself.. I have some serious issues with my family, particularly my mom, I'd appreciate it if you did not jack fun of her.

As for the penis..... well, No, cause that is against forum rules

Vectoring is nothing like colouring. Colouring uses brushes normal, while vectoring uses the pen tool. And anyways, colouring is grahics.

lol, yeah i agree nock it off jaxon, always getting us in trouble ><, me non the other hand , im inasent, jaxon must have somehow hacked my acount and posted such a rediculas, childish respones, just so he could crack another penis joke...sham on you.
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