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Re: the best turned worst day ever

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You people are so stupid, all of you should respect him, I think all of you are awful, everyone calls him stupid, well without him, howwould any of you know anything about crocodiles if he was not there to do it, he put his life on the line to show all of you stupid and iggnorant assholes about it.
1: it's called research and schooling, and 2: as stated before, he really didn't know much of what he was doing. I do respect him as a person, but for what he did he was a moron. Everyone does stupid things in their life, with him, it was his career. Rob Bredl is an amazing herpotologist who I haven't found one mistake yet. He hosts the show "Killer Instinct" which is amazing for knowledge if you really want it.

I mourn the death of such a funny/nice guy, but I will not doubt the fact that he acted moronic.