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Re: Harry Potter vs. Christianity

Originally Posted by Shino View Post
OMG are you really that fucking stupid? What Steve was doing was in no way what so ever like what those fuckers do.

He wasnt stupid, he knew what he was doing and the dangers involved with it. What he was doing was NOT for entertainment value, it was for science.
you're right it's nothing, in any way, like what the idiots on jackass do... but steve made SO many mistakes with what he does it was bound to happen. it WAS for entertainment value as well as herpotology research, but the way he acted was all for the show, and the way he did some of his "stunts" could have been thought out better. From the way he handled his venomous snakes, I was sure he'd die by snake bite someday. If it wasn't for entertainment, it wouldn't have been aired on TV. I wanna die doing what I love too, which is what he was meaning to do, because I study in the same fields as he did, but seriously... He made a TON of mistakes in the way he handled things... And everyone makes stupid mistakes sometime or another. He was being stupid with how he handled things a lot. Him himself was NOT stupid. I met him once, and talked with him for a couple days, and no, he isn't stupid. He over-exadurated mostly for the show.