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It's sad to have lost such an amazing person. Steve Irwin was introduced to my family the day after we lost our youngest son. My oldest(2 at the time) wanted to watch t.v., and loved the Animal Planet channel. The first episode we watched was when Steve and Wes were cleaning out Agro's pen and moving him to a bigger one with Bindy.

From then on my son wouldn't want to watch anything else. We came and spent a couple of hours at night with him. My mother had come out to Hawaii after we put our youngest to rest. Foxx had to live with her in the family quarters on base. When my hubsand and I would come over we'd watch a couple of shows on regular tv and then spend time with the oldest one watching the "Croc Hunter".

This australian family and zoo saved us a little each night and really helped us through a tough time. The oldest still watches the show today and we have given our sincerest condolences to Terry,Bindy and Robert. Steve was an amazing man who touched millions, either through his personality or his conservation work. Wildlife everywhere has lost a true hero.