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Re: Harry Potter vs. Christianity

Originally Posted by Kekkei Genkai View Post
Well, think about it. Christianity has been changed over the years by many people. And probably something about magic angered one of those people who was in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. And other branches of well known Christianity came from it. Well, they say that if magic is from Satan, then what did Jesus and his disciples do. Miracles. It's just a difference of words. I don't see how magic is supposed to be bad. There can be good spells right? They can't exactly be called miracles because God Himself didn't do it but still, if this Satanic "magic" is bad, can't evil things be used for good? I enjoy reading HP and so do all my friends and we are all Christians and we see nothing wrong with HP. Yes, a lot of the spells used in HP can be considered evil and Satanic but what about the good and helpful spells? Is that considered evil? It's using evil to do good. Ever heard of good things for evil? Well, opposite. For those Christians who oppose everything under the name of magic and wizardry. And oppose even good spells supposedly by the devil. What about all those serial killers and evil people that missionaries have converted into Christians and now they preach the good word. Well, why can't spells be the same way. Bad things gone good to help other good things. Do you oppose that? Think about it. And also, another note, HP is fictional. Not real. Ok? Don't get too worked up about it. And, someone mentioned homosexual in HP. Well, where does it mention that in HP. Hmm? Where. When you said they share wands. Well, do you share something with someone else? Do you share a house or car with someone? Do you share the same TV or the couch? Well, if I were you, then I would call you a homosexual and that's evil. Look, how can you be homosexual by using the same object. It's a wand. A wand is an object. It doesn't talk, or walk or anything. It's a tool. They share tools. Have anything to say to that?
Well, now that ou say that, it seems perfectly understandable why Christians would view magic as "evil", or Satan's doing. But between God's miracles and this so called "Satan's work" have much in common. I mean, if Christians are lead to believe their miracles are blessings and magic is the work of evil, then, what IS magic? Basically, God's miracles and magic are the same thing, right? Basically anway.
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