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Originally Posted by victoria View Post
hao becomes shaman king............. absolute yayness.... but why did the people had 2 change the manga n anime?
Because the anime got ahead of the manga, and they started making stuff up after that.

@divinekid; Like i said, There is a big battle, and "supposbly" yoh Defeats Hao.*possible manga spoilers* in Funabari Onsen(the epilouge) it shows "yoh" and Anna's son, Hana. there "yoh" has long hair, so some people believe that it is hao, and also because Hana says that his name is a combanation of his mom and dads. instinctivly, people would think he was hao's son, Though other people say that they are reffering to yoh's kanji, which is ha something or other. Though, after all that, the creator(can't remember his name ) said in a interview hana and anna's son. Though, even after all that, some people still think hana is hao and anna's kid. *end possible spoilers* Sorry for rambling on like that :P. though all and all, no, Yoh Does not become shaman King.

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