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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

I am not convinced that Bush was behind all of this. Perhaps the minor explosions were a gas buildup in the pipes or something flammable. That the planes caused? What if the terrorists were actually behind all of it. But then again, I wouldn't be surprised if Bush was behind it. However, if Bush was, and that was an excuse to invade other lands, then he did a pretty poor job at it. If he was going to invade other places, why did he only choose one place of Islam. And why Iraq and Afghanistan. Why not Saudi Arabia or some other place? If Bush was actually behind this, he would have everything planned already. Where to invade, how many troops will be needed, who will be the scapegoat and how to capture him. Wouldn't Bush rather take someplace permanently instead of occupying a place and losing men by doing it? The question is, what is Bush's true motive? What's he getting at? How is he going to benefit by sitting his troops duck in the middle of nowhere? Unless if he is in a larger plot. If he is a puppet under a larger orginazation, then that orginazation that hired him might be staging other attacks as well. Remember that failed attempt with the planes going from England? All those convicted people were born and raised in England. It probably isn't by Islam. It's by an international orginazation planning to start WW3 or even worse, pure annhilation of the human race and the coming armageddon. In this case, if all the top U.S. orginizations are doing this, then who will find out the cause for this? If all I am saying is true, then it's a brilliant setup. That orginazation is making Islam the scapegoat and turning everything into a global issue. But the question remains unanswered. What are these people trying to achieve. Are they planning world domination using corrupted government means? How many people know about this and support it? Who is good? And who is bad? If this is the case, then what will we do to prevent it?

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