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All these unexplained things, where and what are they all leading to?

After all these attacks and unrest all over the world. The so called war against terrorism and such. Could they all be a fraud? Could it all be a setup for a larger event? Why is Bush floundering the U.S. army out there in the middle of nowhere? If it is for oil, then why are the gas prices going up? Shouldn't Bush be getting somewhere for all these unexplained actions? I'm not saying that what I'm saying is true but what if, Bush was actually a puppet under something larger than anyone has ever dreamed of? Could it be Neo Nazis operating underground? Or have communists risen from the ashes again? What are all these attacks such as 9/11 and the recent attempt to destroy all the flights from England? Could it be that these terrorists aren't Islamic fanatics but under a larger scheme? All those convicted people who tried to destroy the planes with the liquid explosives, they were all pure British. If Islam is just a scapegoat for the real actions that are underway? Could the results be WW3 or an armageddon? If the time now is brewing for war, that time is now. If all these unexplained actions continue, then the world would be at unrest and there will be suspicion and tension all around. When there is extreme tension, a single action. One single action down to the smallest crime by one country to another, can result in a war. If this continues to happen, then the diabolical mastermind behind all this did a damn good job because if it's a war he wants, then a war he's gonna get. We will all fight each other and it's all going to be for no valid reason at all. What do you think? Will all these unexplained actions lead to a war or something even worse? Something terrifying and never heard of that is underway even as we speak.
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