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Re: Official Bleach Dub Chat

LoL! I got all excited when it premiered cuz I was used to watching Bleach on a not-so-high-quality miniscreen in my comp and by the time I saw it so big and clear on my flat-screen I got all giddy .

Anyways, I think Ichigo's voice doesn't match him very well...but that's just my opinion. But Rukia, man her voice is awsome! It's like perfect! I don't like the way she says 'Kidou' or 'Zanpakutou'. When she said 'zanpakutou' I was cracking up. It just sounded so...unnatural =.=! And Kon, too! YUK! LoL! All-in-all I think the dub's pretty good. Better than Naruto, but only because they kept in some originals (like the opening and ending!!!) but when it comes to anime dubs airing on Adult Swim, you should expect the originals to stay put. It usually turns out good when it airs on Adult Swim ^_^

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