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Re: Official Bleach Dub Chat

It could have been a little bit better, but overall the dub seemed good to me. Ichigo's voice is different, but I like it. Rukia's is pretty darn good too. Again, a little different, but good. Karin and Ichigo's dad (I forget his name at the moment...) were really good too. Yuzu's could have been better, but maybe it'll improve with time. However, Kon's voice in the preview was like...just not right. I really hope it's not as bad as it sounds...

I, personally, was quite happy that they left the opening and ending themes alone. "Asterisk" and "Life Is Like a Boat" are a couple of my favorite (anime) songs. Also, I was glad that they decided to use words like "Kidou" and "Zanpakutou" instead of translating them all funny. Though, I don't get why they couldn't have just used "Shinigami" too, instead of changing it to "Soul Reaper".

Well, overall, the first dub episode was pretty good. Let's hope the rest of the voices and stuff are good too.
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