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Re: did the government lie about area fifty one

Good point. I think that aliens exist... Hey mom there's something in the backroom, I hope it's not that creature from above~.... oh sry, I was just playing that song by Blink-182 on guitar. Anyway. Someone brought up a good point about stealth technology on fighter planes developed there. Mabye scientists aren't too successful on discovering new technology so quickly. Mabye they are finding out slowly. In that case, I would understand all the secrecy. First of all, everyone would be convinced that aliens are coming or exist and they would all be chaotic. Second, terrorist orginazations or crime syndicates would try to capture the new technology. If there aren't alien technology they are experimenting on, then it could be that scientists could be experimenting on new weapons like biochemical things and such on animals and perhaps humans as well. Well, just a thought.
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