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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Hey man, I'm told you I'm not convinced that the U.S. planned a series of attacks on it's own buildings. It's stupid if you ask me. They should have picked a better political target. However, what you don't know is whether Bush and his top aides is doing this for another purpose. If this is true, Bush is a puppet under something larger. Sure it sounds ludicrous, laugh. But I'm just suggesting something that might be true. Could Bush and the top government staff be frauds planning to cause civil unrest and globally as well? In this case, this will create tension. WW1 and WW2 started almost the same way. Buildup of tension between all countries. Acts by other countries to intimidate and begin wars with others. But now it's not against other countries. It's terror against the world. If Bush is actually a fraud and is a puppet for something larger, then it could mean trouble. If all these events like 9/11 are a distraction for something larger, then that could be the case. There is also the possibility that this is all a set up and Bush and Osama Bin Ladin and others might be working under that orginazation to create global tension. I'm not saying this is real. But it is real iffy you know what I mean? Bush might not be doing this for himself but as a tool for something larger and more sinister seriously.
And the evidence which supports this 'theory' is where? I mean, you must have at least a bit of evidence that lead you to this belief, right? Or at the very least, you came to think this could be a possible scenario by using some sound reasoning, correct?

If not, then I want to add some things to jazz it up, since we're just pulling things out our asses here. How about we change the "ultra powerful evil organization hell bent on starting the next world war for some unknown reason" to just "Aliens from the planet Zibot" and let's just say they're pissed because of us shooting down one of their ships and hauling it off to Area 51. They're trying to start the next world war to thin or numbers down a bit before they attack, and Bush is just a tool they're controlling through a device they impanted in his anus. (Which explains the poor use of the english language and inability to debate intelligently, OMG!) These aliens are actually all mentally retarded though, so instead of instigating a war between the superpowers of the world, they just focus on some third-world-countries in the middle east. Wow, making up stories is fun! >.>;

Come on, at least the morons who think the government is responsible for the 9/11 attacks made a video. ^^;
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