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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the goverment hides details of what happened, and I know they're not saints. But in this particular scenario there's a much more logical alternative to "teh goverment did the 9-11 terrorist attacks." And it's that the terrorist did actually do it.
I despise you Miburo. You said what I was going to say.

Conspiracy theories, I think, are maintained by the lack of evidence as well as the presence of evidence. But this lack of evidence is wholesome and can be proven wrong to the point where it is illogical to think so without further proof.

I also do not think the government is perfect, but I do know that there are better alternatives then doing a highly complicated staged maneuver to secure bases of oil or riches. Killing your icons for tradings/economy (think about it World TRADE Center) AND travel (which is how America influences other countries btw) is simply foolish for a government to consider.
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