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Re: All these unexplained things, where and what are they all leading to?

The one thing that I don't like is that when America tries to stop other countries from getting nuclear weapons, we are the ones who have them. I know for a fact (multiple history teachers have told me), that we have enough nuclear devices to kill every living thing on the planet at least 6 times (overkill).

Apparently, we have them because America is "stable and sane", and we wouldn't attack anyone else unless they attacked us first. Personally, I don't know why we went into Iraq, we should have stayed in Afghanistan, we had a reason to go there, no reason whatsoever to go into Iraq.

But one other thing, lets say in 2000, Al Gore had won the election. And he made the exact same choices that Bush had. Would everyone be saying how bad of a president Gore is? Not everything that is happening Bush can control, such as the gas prices. He has no control over it. It is the gas companies. They have to raise the gas prices because the ones they get the gas from (in foreign countries), raise the prices. In reality, gas stations only get a couple of cents per gallon sold.

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