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Re: Your Own Opinion!!

In school I was refered to as the guardian or the protector...those were my nick-names...why?...because I was stronger then most of the kids, maybe not bigger, but I had a strong mind and fist...I'm a really nice guy and I stick up for the little guys who get scared by bigger, older guys...I was the one who stood up to them...I might be one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, but I'm also the most demonic person you'll ever meet when I get angry...yeah...I'm a geek, nerd, loser...whatever you want to call it...but I'm also a metalhead...and people don't mess with guys like me...just for the same reason alot of people are scared of big black guys who dress like thugs...they get intimidated easily...they came to me though...and I'd keep the asshats off their backs...I look at it like a job in school...being in school these days is like being in prison or the better find your corner fast or you'll be stuck in the middle without an exit in sight.
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