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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I'll admit the only one I actually bothered reading was half the PM one, I just grabbed these off the Maddox page to tell the truth. ^^;

Basically, here is the main point (to the guy Miburo is arguing):

Would the US (or military leaders) want to secure sources of oil or a pro-American country in the middle east? Obviously. But WHY WOULD THEY HURT THEIR ECONOMY IN THE PROCESS? America influences a lot of the world's economics, the debt and trading is a big part of America. I do not care what you think of George W. Bush, but I think everyone realizes that if that the nation they are in is faltering, the money they gained would be unstable.

How is the economy hurt by this?
Airlines going down because people are afraid!****** (big corporations dying is bad)
Great amount of money spent on defense.
Hysteria and a great amount of focus on rebuilding the destroyed area. Plus its the world trade center. If there was a dirty bomb set off in that plane, basically most of the economics of the world would turn upside down.

And he does all this for what, Oil? George W. Bush is rich enough already, his family owns a freaking oil company, meaning he has a stable and ever increasing business. Why would he need more money?

There needs to be a reasonable amount of evidence (those not looking into sided politics) pointing to Bush's want or need of money for anybody to believe that he would do such an astrocity. I mean I know politicians do shady kinda things, but that should tell you that they do things by slipping it underground, not by a dramatic crash to call attention to it.

Plus, why aren't the creators of loose change dead yet?

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