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Re: Your Own Opinion!!

Both of you are wrong. You underestimate people and thats your mistake. I'm 5'4. I don't look strong. But I'm smart and thats why I haven't been hit in the face once. Don't claim your fast don't claim your strong. You give away your self to who you will fight. I fucking bet you lose. At least to me anyway. If I don't know you I will take a few hits though. Anyway my logic is you wanna try and rule with fear. Wait till you find that person that puts you on breathing machines because you thought you were bigger and badder than him. I've seen it done and I've put people in hospitals myself because of it. You don't scare everyone and most can give a shit less about what you say you can do. Also last to remember. Don't think a person won't shoot you. Say it is a pussy way to do it but if they shoot your ass, think they care?

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