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Heh, this isn't a debate, but what the hell. : )

Sounds like you just started highschool and you're realizing most the kids there are douchebags, right? Here's some advice: Don't even think about people as being in clicks. Just hang out with the people you like, don't worry about what click they're in.

All the kids who considered themselves "goth" would call me a "jock" because I wrestled and most of my closer friends were fellow wrestlers. I still hung out with the 'nerds,' and 'goths,' and 'gangstas' and whatever other lame categories of people their are if they were cool. I didn't give a damn what group they belonged to.

Now if I'm reading this wrong and you're getting picked on by kids for not fitting into a particular group then be sure to not take their shit. Kids that pick on other kids are usually pussies, just beat one of them up and the rest should leave you alone as long as you didn't cheap shot the guy or anything, gotta be legit. Don't be one of those sissy tattle-tails or anything like that, that'll just get you picked on more. Once people realize you're not going to take shit from them, they usually back off. Probably not the best advice, but it's always worked for me when I was a freshman and sophmore(sp?). ^^;;;
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