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Re: Your Own Opinion!!

No affence but this thread is becomming eggo central, you guys should read what you write (some people not all). This "ill put my foot in your face" BS is gonna get you nowhere, as Assualter said your gonna say that to the wrong kid, and he is gonna wipe the floor with you, A real "Tough Guy" is the guy who can take tons of shit from people and just brush it off his shoulder, i'm not saying that you shouldn't fight back, but is it nessicary to break a kids skull just because he cut you in the lunch line?

Izangai, i'm glad that you say that you don't flaunt your "power" around because martial arts #1 rule is self-defense, beacuse if you use martial arts to start fights with people you are not a true expert (not saying you do of course).

But, how i see it, i am 5' 11" 175 lbs relitivly average size kid, i am a sophomore and i get "picked" on a bunch, but all i do when i get picked on is laugh at them even if they are bigger than me beacuse they are the real weak ones, true "strength" is not measured by how much you can bench, or how far you can run, its based on the ability to handle yourself in tight situations, and not get distraught and give up. I see the reall intimidateing people is not the muscle brain dumbasses, but the kid who fights those muscle brained dumb-asses even if he is out sized, beacuse you could be uber buff, but you could be emotianally weak. and that is just as bad as being a skrony little girl
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