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Re: Your Own Opinion!!

Originally Posted by Optimus Prime View Post
No affence but this thread is becomming eggo central, you guys should read what you write (some people not all). This "ill put my foot in your face" BS is gonna get you nowhere, as Assualter said your gonna say that to the wrong kid, and he is gonna wipe the floor with you, A real "Tough Guy" is the guy who can take tons of shit from people and just brush it off his shoulder, i'm not saying that you shouldn't fight back, but is it nessicary to break a kids skull just because he cut you in the lunch line?

Izangai, i'm glad that you say that you don't flaunt your "power" around because martial arts #1 rule is self-defense, beacuse if you use martial arts to start fights with people you are not a true expert (not saying you do of course).
You all seem to misunderstand. I do not really have that much power. I simple use intimidation to scare people. Now, of course there are bigger and stronger people, but really, even with those weaker than me, it is not a serious threat. After all, who really says "want to play a game called...". It seems it just slightly scares people, but not terrifies them. My point was that intimidation is a wonderful tool. People often agree with someone because they are afraid of what might happen to them if they do otherwise. In reality though, unless you REALLY, REALLY piss some one off bad, they will not hurt you. Some people would rather play it safe though.

If some one ever called me on the threat I'd be fucked. The only thing that I could say would help me in a fight is the fact that I just don't stay down.. Well, unless I like, die, or get knocked out. Other than that I'd probably keep getting hit. (I probably would not hit the person, I can take a shit load of hits and be good. Hitting the person would simply add flame to the fire. I'd wait for the person to either give up and get bored or get fed up with the lack of gratification they would get.(Unless they had something that could kill me, then I would un arm them))

And, I DO take lots of shit and brush it off. Such as people calling me fat or making fun of me. I mean, really, I have head it for, like, 14 years now, it starts to loose it's touch after the 5th. Plus, I am fat, and I deserved to be made fun of. I am a terrible person. And even when it does bother me, how will hitting the guy take back the hurt. It'll just make me feel like a douche, make him feel like a douche and make the entire situation worse. Honestly, the best comeback to "You are(insult here)" is:

"Yeh, I am".

There is nothing to really counter it, and it is so ungratifing. If they continue to insult you, just continue agreeing with them. Just know what is true and what is not. Most of the people in my grade are okay to me, but the older grades are not. Personally, I like to avoid fights. They are not my forté. And really, they solve nothing. At best they could simple prolong the problem.

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