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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Originally Posted by Ninja48 View Post
Yeah, the economy get's punched in the gut. But the reasoning behind pulling a 9/11 is to make money for the people who pulled it, not to stimulate the country's economy. The amount of money spent on defense? 3/4ths of a trillion dollars. That's some good cash for defense industries. Hysteria? That's what led us to war, and convinced other politicians to increase the defense budget.
You don't get the point. If the US loses, the oil company loses. They need to make sure that the economy does not go down the drain, and attacking with an airplane does not seem to be a good way of doing that. If the country falters, their money becomes very suspectible to damage.

And if you think about the psychological affect of the attack over the masses, it just does not make sense politically/economically/socially. Thats the triangle of action right there.

Dude, do you even know how money is slipped? I think a lot of the Bush administration realizes that just profitting one business is not good for anything. If they have that much greed there, they must have been the gods of acting and the one thing I know about Dubya is he can't act.

Originally Posted by Ninja48 View Post
Lol@maddox article. They arn't dead yet because if the CIA or FBI came to assassinate the creators, then that would prove that they were right, and 9/11 was a conspiracy. Besides, the only reason to kill them would be for vengence. Killing them wouldn't silence them, because their voice, through Loose Change, has already been heard around the internets.
lol, I just wanna say, you don't get to be logical when you want to be. Why don't you look at everything with that mindset?

Uhm and there can be a lot of things gained by murdering people. Besides there is a computer in the US government that has the power of 35000 computers or something, 5 minutes in after uploading and it should be gone.

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