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Originally Posted by heartthrob_god
no!!!!!! for christ's sake!!!! drugs causes people to go out of their minds and do notorious stuff!!!!!
Well said. But in all honesty, making them legal will not solve the drug problem, and yes its a problem, especially near where I stay both at university and at home. People say Weed isn't addictive, I say it depends on the problem. A lot of drugs are illegal because they're dangerous and deadly if not taken carefully, ecstacy, for example. Most people come into this thread and start yapping their mouths "drugs should be legal because they're cool" and idiotic shit like that, and they say it thinking all drugs are dope. Idiots. If thats how you think, then you should suffer the effects of abusing drugs, that's my opinion. However! If you know and understand the risks, take precautions and use your fuckin brain (yes, that's what it's there for) and think about the consequences of your drugs, then you should be fine. and I have no problem with that, aslong as you don't try to make me take drugs. I've tried dope, I didn't like it, I can do fine without it, and don't want to have any other toxin in my body except what I choose to put there.
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