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Re: Your Own Opinion!!

Originally Posted by Ore-sama View Post
My opinion? They're all pathetic and unable to live their own life. Yes, adaption is necessary in order to survive. You have to follow certain rules to some degree. You can't just go and kill someone because you think they're stupid (man would I love to).

BUT I'm sure there was a reason for the uga-uga ape to evolve into the homo sapiens - the THINKING man. Society does encourage you to lick the majority's fat and complacent ass, yes. But you don't have to. In society, those who make others follow their idea, are more respected than those who mindlessly follow. Meaning: an initial individual opinion makes more happen than a bunch of sheep's "Maaaaaaaaaaaah". Who's in charge in a sheep herd? The ONE dog who barks at hundreds of sheep who'll follow suit for no apparent reason - if they'd switch their brains on, they'd realize they could so overpower the dog and kick its ass. But no. Following is easy, convenient and not OMG scary because someone else does your thinking. And if everyone else agrees, how can it be wrong?

Makes me want to cry.

I decided a while ago that I cannot be truly alive as who I am if I keep following the flow like a fucking lemming. If I want to feel like an individual, I have to be true to myself. Yes, I lick asses and nod when there's something big to gain from it. I can be bought to a certain degree if the prize is worth it, but no longer than it takes to get what I'm after. I can be a great actress if I smell profits, but once I get what I was after, I'll run away laughing and being my disgustingly individual self again.

An example and at the same time a question. Why didn't I yet meet ONE black male below the age of 25 who did NOT listen to hip hop and wear oversized phat/gangsta shit to whatever degree and who did NOT talk and move like he had spastic convulsions? Enlighten me. This may sound rude, but it's not intended to: are young black men programmed like a computer to prefer this music and outfit? What keeps them from dressing up Visual Kei and listen to Gackt? Why don't they give rock festivals a try? Why always hip hop and gangsta? If it's their choice because they sincerely love and seek it, GREAT! But all of them, is a bit suspicious.

This is an extreme example and not intended to offend anyone. It's just so damn striking.

Ofcourse, there're also the dumb kids who nod when someone says "Gay people are gross" and those neonazis who feel the need to be in a ZOMG-so-powerful group (groups = self-deception drug for people who're too damn weak or stupid to be strong and confident on their own) and try to really think that all foreigners are rats.

I pity every single one of them and I want every single one of them to stay the fuck away from me. I don't want a group to which I'm expected to adapt my thoughts. If I participate in group activities, there's one condition: those people must all be conscious of their own individuality and also respect that of others.

There's this nice quote:
Eat shit! Millions of flies can't be wrong!

Wow, that is kind of close minded. Honestly, high school is a harsh place. A person can be who ever they want, do what ever they want, like whoever they want, but that does not mean they are original.

Let's take the gothic/emo wannabe/kids who wear to much eye liner for example. In most cases, they want to express themselves, but often they do not know how. When in this delema they see some gothic kids sitting under the stair well doing what ever. These kids are exiled from everyone else. Little miss self expression says to herself "Hey, those kids are nto afraid to be different! I think I'll dress just like them".

If these kids really wanted to be different from everyone they should g to school in a one piece clown suit.

Also, I am tired of this "ALL POPULAR PEOPLE WHO DO NOT DRESS LIKE A FUCKIGN LOONATIC ARE CONFORMISTS!111111" bullshit. I dress how ever the fuck I want to dress, and just because that does notinclude putting on too much makeup or wearing pointy dog collars does not mean I am a conformist. Person, I laugh at the people who dress like that. There are a billion people like them, they are nto original jus because they dess like that. On top of that, they look fucking ridiculous.

Everyone thinks the kids who dress in a gothic style are "dangerous" for some reason. Perhaps because often these kids act depressed (though, often, the are legitimately clinically depressed) and are angry at their peers for making fun of them. (**I'll come back to this specific pont later) Well I have news fo you, they are not the ones you should be worried about. The kids who dress like this will, more often than not , find friends who also share their ideals and dress like them. The ones you should try and be nice to, try to help, are the kids who are labeled as nerds. They doo not dress ridiculously, they do not have a fucked up hair style, these kids are the ones who have it the hardest. They try to be like everyone else just so that their constant torture will end. However, they do not fit in with anyone. They are the kids you see walking around school with a huge backpack, normal clothes and hair cut, the same kids who just stare downwards while they walk. These are the kids who are more likely to come into school with a sawed off shot gun.

Where was I? Right, the supposed 'goths' (bad term, the goths dies out a long time ago) will often become enraged when some one makes fun of them, who wouldn't? What I have a problem with is that they actually think that people will not talk about how they dress. Well, here is a tip, if you do not want to be talked about, don't dress like a fucking freak. It is really not that hard. There are other ways to express yourself. What I find funny is that the "goths" think that people should be judged on who they are, not what they wear. Well, then stop dressing so ridiculously, put on makeup correctly, and express yourself through your ideals. Just because people dress a certain way does not mean they are conformists, it does not mean they are terrorists, it does not mean they are drug addicts. Choice of style means nothing. I dress in usually dark clothes, with a hoddie or a over shirt of sorts on. It is nothing special, but I like the way I dress, even though there are a million kids in my area who dress like I do, I have a distinctive quality, my thoughts. I voice my thoughts to anyone I want. Even though people dress like me, people always know who I am because of the things I say and the way I act.

If you said this a year ago, I would probably agree with you ore-sama. However, I talk with almost all the popular people in my school. Yes, some or bastards, but many of them think the exact way that the "geeks,freaks and nerd" think. However, both sides will often allow social status stop them from interacting.
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