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Re: Your Own Opinion!!

I envy you for living someplace where it's different. But come to Brussels, check out what black boys wear. All the same, unless they lack the money to afford phat brands and a walkman.

I'm not limiting it to fashion and music, those are just examples. I'm also not talking about wannabes when talking about individualism. What I'm saying is, don't go seeking people who want you to adapt to their style/taste/views/religion/politics/wtf-ever-else. Be yourself, whether you dress up or not, whatever your music or taste in fashion is, as long as YOU chose it yourself. Everything is fine, the gangsta shit, goth, right-wing, muslim, pink, green, vegan, anime, conformist - just as long as it's your own choice approved by your own heart.

I never said that.

There are a billion people like them, they are nto original jus because they dess like that. On top of that, they look fucking ridiculous.
They may think the same about you.

They doo not dress ridiculously, they do not have a fucked up hair style, these kids are the ones who have it the hardest. They try to be like everyone else just so that their constant torture will end.
Lol pityful indeed. Be like everyone else so your torture ends. Guess what? No one's life is easy and whether you feel that your being different is hell, depends on your personal amount of spine. I don't "dress up" to be different - I happen to like black, metal and weird stuff. Always did. When I was 9, I drew skeletons while other girls drew ponies. That's me. And guess what? My "hell" stopped when I stopped trying to be like everyone else. When I finally accepted myself as Anna who does happen to be different (don't say I'm not - you don't know my life), not as a sheep in the crowd, I started to feel damn great about myself. I take weird stares as an acknowledgement, not as pressure or rejection. They can kiss my ass, call me names if they want to, as long as I'm me.

Also, you sure all of them try? To some it's natural. And those are perfectly okay. Those who try to be like everyone else are the ones who're being ridiculous, unable to face the fact that they are they and nobody else. So because of merging into the crowd, I'm happier? No. I'm only happy when I can live as the person my heart tells me to be, whether others appreciate it or not. Accepting and appreciating yourself leads to true freedom and peace of mind, no matter how much shit you get to eat from others - at least, it's shit thrown at the TRUE you, not at some facade. I'm willing to pay a price for being able to be myself. After what I've been through, all I can do to enjoy life is being true to myself.

They are the kids you see walking around school with a huge backpack, normal clothes and hair cut, the same kids who just stare downwards while they walk.
I was exactly like that. Until I stopped trying to fit in. Now I'm getting tired of the sky from always looking up Ah my neck....

These are the kids who are more likely to come into school with a sawed off shot gun
Agreed. Cuz they're too fucking weak to acknowledge themselves. Guess what? Let them kill themselves (at home please, and without any more victims). There's no point in existing if you can't manage to exist as who you are. Why lead the life of someone else? Being someone else means being nobody. When you're nobody, you don't exist. When you're nobody, you might as well die, doesn't make so much of a difference.

Then you go to grad school / the real world. Suddenly, it is worse off than high school again. Not because you're afraid of what the common Joe Schmoe will think, but you're worried for your career. Acting how you want to is a good way to get you fired or keep you out of a job. Allow me to share a little anecdote:
As I said before, of course a certain degree of adaption is necessary. But not to the point of not being yourself. By swallowing your anger and restraining your impulses every now and then, you can still be yourself. But for chrissake, don't nod at everything the majority tells you to nod at.

You said you're an acting teacher. And that's the great thing - act to their liking and laugh your ass off about them inside. As long as you only pretend to adapt, you're fine.
Btw, recommend any acting schools in Belgium? I wanna be an actress, I'm good at that

So I'm sorry to those of you who want to be "individuals" or think that you can stroke against the grain... And I'm especially sorry to those of you who believe that you can dress whatever way you want to. That's not the case. The world's tough, get a helmet.
Wrong. Your choices are limited when you choose to be yourself in the case of a rather uncommon self, yet there are some good choices. You can't have it all. But you can still have much of it.

I have a friend who looks as normal as gets. He keeps telling me the same Neji-esque pessimist crap I'm quoting from you. Guess what, and I'm not intending to compare him to you, it's only the quote. HE's the broke one, HE's the simpleton fuckwithable one, HE's living a sheltered (=ignorant, restrained) existence with mum and dad, HE's the superficial one, HE's the one who flees into studying because he's too damn much of a herd animal to find work. What about me? I'm too rich for my own good, I'm smart above average, I'm a lot more empathetic and knowledgeable about the world I live in, I could write a 10-volume-biography about my life and sell millions of copies, I study for the fun of it although I could find work if I tried. And I wear my dog's collar and reptile eyes. Now how do you explain that? How is he the fucked one while I'm getting it all (or most of it) if, according to DarkNeji, the dresser-ups are fucked? Even if I'm just lucky and he is not, even that would explain it. Even sheer luck counts. Whatever the reason, as long as life's good, it's good.
I won't be able to work at a bank unless I wear a suit during my job interview and work that arrogant and challenging look out of my eyes. But I don't even want to. I don't have to. I can still work elsewhere where I can earn good money for decent work. I'd be working at ICTS by now if it wasn't for my speed of completing the concentration quiz (I raced through it without listening to the "Wait till I say start" shit). If I looked for work, I'd find some.

Look, you can still be yourself when you leave your vampire cloak at home for a job interview. I'm not saying you have to be allowed to wear your sharingan lenses everywhere. I don't. I wear my boring blueish-green eyes when I'm planning to make a serious impression on a money-shitter. But there's also no reason to renounce completely. When I go to work, I look decent. When I go downtown to have fun or shop, I put in the contacts and wear my dog's collar and pose in front of Japanese tourists (who lurve me).

Also, I may have talked about looks too much. But while looks can harm your chances of success during, eg. a job interview, they can't really reject you for answering NO when they ask you if you like or agree with their whatever unless it's directly job related. Being yourself starts in your mind, not in the fashion store. Even wearing a suit, you can still grin condescendingly upon your colleagues. This won't get you fired. Listening to metal won't either as long as music is allowed there.

Hell, looking normal doesn't make you a different person (which is why I say don't even try unless required). I never said I can't be myself in a blazer. You know those people who look all decent, but still, you can just feel that they're the biggest punks in reality? Exactly. Even those apparent conformists can be fucked because their personality oozes from them despïte the Chanel suit. OR they can use a good deodorant and keep it from oozing and be very successful. You don't have to fit in, just pretend you do and mock the bastards silently.
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