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Re: Your Own Opinion!!

Originally Posted by Corbenk View Post
Bull. People are sorted into cliques because they choose to. If they really wanted to, they could interact with other cliques, or be in no clique.

I am like 6 foot, fat, a geek, strong and a graphics nerd. I am on the lower end of the popularity totem poll. Yet still, I get people to do whAt I want. Why? I rule by fear and force. I will ask people to do something, then if they disagree, I ask if they want to play a game called my foot in their face.I also play throw the sharp pointy object at the douchebag. The douche bag is who ever I decide.

Despite all of this, I still have friends, I can talk to almost anyone of any clique. (not that I choose to, most of the popular girls are duche bags) Honestly, I am a bit ambiguous. On one hand. I can bully people, yet afterwards, they'll still joke around with me as friends. (I never do any serious harm) I have never had to actually put my foot in someone's face, usually the threat works, and thank god. If I had to actually go through with it, I doubt I could. I cannot say anyone has really done anything that terrible to me that would make me want to seriously injure them...

No, here was the first few years of school that EVERYONE was a dick to me. However, even though it hurt so much, though it crushed me, made me feel inadequate, made me cry, made me want to die, I can not say I'd like to seriously hurt any of them. No, I do not like them, but smashing their head to the floor would not take away that pain now would it?

I have more or less put on the disguise of a psycho or evil bastard. Actually today I had a conversation with a buddy of mine. It went like this:

"Well, I was never beaten and look at me"

"You, but you're, like, a psychopath or something"

But really, if they knew me, they would know I am not really like this. I rule by fear, I doubt I could follow through with any of my threats though. I guess I am really a pig in the disguise of a wolf.
You have a point. People want to be in groups for many reasons, which is their opinion. Geek/nerds don't have to be called that way, but some do. That is their opinion and choice.
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