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Re: Your Own Opinion!!

Originally Posted by Izanagi_Takeshiro View Post
In school I was refered to as the guardian or the protector...those were my nick-names...why?...because I was stronger then most of the kids, maybe not bigger, but I had a strong mind and fist...I'm a really nice guy and I stick up for the little guys who get scared by bigger, older guys...I was the one who stood up to them...I might be one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, but I'm also the most demonic person you'll ever meet when I get angry...yeah...I'm a geek, nerd, loser...whatever you want to call it...but I'm also a metalhead...and people don't mess with guys like me...just for the same reason alot of people are scared of big black guys who dress like thugs...they get intimidated easily...they came to me though...and I'd keep the asshats off their backs...I look at it like a job in school...being in school these days is like being in prison or the better find your corner fast or you'll be stuck in the middle without an exit in sight.
Omg, this Darkeaver w/e not was creating a debate, and you totally just walked in here and started telling everyone you're life story. This post has contributed nothing towards said debate, other than now everyone knows you're both full of it, and putting yourself down at the same time. That's not annoying at all! [SARCASMSARCASMSARCAMSx INFINITY INFINTIY INFINITY] I don't understand why ANYBODY needed to know ANY of that. Are you just making sure if some bully from some place were ever to come accross your path, they'd have to "watch out" for you. Like someone they'll magically know who you are? Because of your DESCRIPTION here? NO. THEY WON'T. You can't protect NETHING here, in fact you're beating the shit out of my sanity right now!!! OMFG. And hey, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, cause well you're a *nice guy* but I'm an *insensitve bitch* so I don't really care.

Originally Posted by D4rKR34v3r View Post
So, wtf happned to it?? now ppl are afraid to stand up for themselves withought having the thought of getting the crap beatted out of them. Everyone in a school is sorted out into "clicks". The "nerd/geeks" have no opinion on things, you do what they tell you to do or u get beated. Theres no srry i can't. Even when they are all talking about something and u give your own opinion itz no, who was talking to you. Is the whole world slowly declining from everyone is treated equally or are we gonna have ranks in school, or even in work places??The ganstas, all dress the SAME, and they TALK the SAME! they don't think for themselves, they got no opnion, the follow what the "leader" tells em. so what is ur opinion on this?
*breathes* ANYWAYS. People have always been afraid of other ppl beating the crap out of them. Yeah, but probably less than before, cause now we got teachers who won't tolerate discrimination, where as in the past they probably encouraged it. Nobody has been sorted, there was no sorting going on when you entered highschool. You chose your own friends, your own "clicks" however I refuse to call my GROUP OF FRIENDS, a click. Everyone HAS an opinion, and that was a stupid thing to argue on behalf of. that certain ppl don't have an opinion crap. Maybe they don't VOICE their opinion, because now we're back at scared of getting beaten up deal. And whether you think so or believe so or not, everyone IS in a click. But this is mostly because they feel safest/truest/best/mostcomfortable/ and the list goes on, IN this click. People may even think ASIANS/ or CHINESE is one click, but to be completely honest, it splits off even more. Then you have the F.O.Bs or the White Washed, and then the Bananas! Yellow on the outside white on the inside. And sometimes it's not always the minority that is being discriminated against, sometimes they discriminate back. We have gifteds in our school, and we call them "gifties* but then even IN the gifties you have the ones that think they're superior to everyone else and they form yet ANOTHER little click.

Id on't understand what you want from the world? No clicks? everyone to be the same, everyone to be everyone's friend? Everyone to constantly be talking about their opinion. IF people did that, even more clicks would be created, because everyone with the SAME opinion would group together, and eventually it'll start another thing where the Majority opinion will yell and scream at the minority opinion, and we'll be back at square 1. So really, you should just take life as it is now. Where everyone is nice and comfortable in their group of friends, and nobody is screaming at each other.

I will state again. EVERYONE has an opinion, NOBODY is entitled to have to say it.

However, maybe people should tell you their opinion more, because it's completely unfair and immoral of you to go off on gangstas when clearly you are NOT one of them. You do NOT know how they think. you do NOT know their OPINION. Because yes they do have one. They THINK therefore they exist ha I'm so cool. So what do you want, for there to be NO gangsters. Then what will they be, they'll just be like EVERYONe else, then you'll have a problem with THAT too. EVEN YOU are grouped somehow. YOU DO wear clothes don't you? THERE YOU GO, automatically someone will look at how you dress, and whether you like it or not YOU WILL be catagorzied, does this mean you do NOT have an opinion? CLEARLY, it does not.

WHY do I always start some huge opinion piece of mine when i have a test the next day. I MUST TAKE MY LEAVE NOW. If you actually read all of that, I congratulate you. And to the Izanagi guy, no I'm gonna make a hat out of YOUR head
GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (now imagine that 100 billion decibels louder than your average fire truck alarm and you will get the summation of my feelings towards your childish bickering)

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- GOD I love that. You could give me a hundred thousand million years and I wouldn't have thought of that.

All this time I've spent trying to change into someone you would love, I didn't notice you changed into someone I can't love anymore. Goodbye My King .


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