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Re: Freedom of speech: Can it survive?

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Actually, it can even be offensive. You can tell someone they're a moron or a dipshit and you're not going to get arrested. Tell them that they're horrible people and you hope they die, totally fine. No one has the right to not be offended. : )

The only things you're not allowed to say is if it negatively effects someone or can put someone in danger. If I call up your work and tell everyone you're a thief then I can get into trouble for slander, you could lose your job over stuff like that. Or if you scream 'fire' in a crowded place where it could cause a panic. You can say pretty much whatever you want as long as it doesn't impeed on someone else's rights or harm another person.
so does that meen instead of screaming 'fire' and causing histeria i could go and pull the fire alarm bell and cause panic? . i haven't said a word and i COULD lay the blame on someone else [if i weren't a christian] but considering the fact that i am a christian i wouldn't do that kind of thing it's just an example
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