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Originally Posted by Ore-sama View Post
About why the US government would kill their own people...

Look, children, a government is not mum and dad who look over your well-being. A government is not a merry bunch of sociable and sweet idealists. A modern government is made of greedy assholes seeking wealth and power by ruling over tax-paying workers-for-them. Considering the gold retrieved from the towers and the fat terrorism insurance the Twin Towers' owners obtained due to the attack, hell the government sure knew how to help themselves. They certainly didn't feel any personal attachment to the people killed, and guess what? If I get the chance to commit the perfect crime, get away with it and get both endless wealth and great power, I'd so go for it.
I would so see the government, which is made of HUMANS (=greedy, selfish beings with a weak heart which is easily corrupted. Stop believing Disney movies), do this. I would so see myself do this. It's a smart thing to do. Get rich and powerful and at the same time, obtain the comprehension of your allies for attacking your eyesores since you just got the perfect pretext.
I don't think anyone is going to disagree with that. No one is saying that government officals would never do anything that jeapordizes it's citizens if the politicians can get something out of it, and can get away with it scott free. Everyone should know that their government lies to them or hides stuff from them sometimes.

But this isn't the perfect crime, it's actually far from it. The risk/reward ratio is far too great. The amount of people it would take (and subsequently need to be assured that they'd keep quite) when added with the penalties for treason alone makes the loose change theory incredibly unlikely. These guys wouldn't be the first corrupt politicians out there, and none of the other guys had to make world wide spectacles to make some illegal cash. There's far more to be lost than to be gained for these people doing something like this.

The huge blow to the economy should be more than enough evidence to show that the government itself wasn't responsible for the attacks. Not to mention there's no real motive to have a government sanctioned attack on our own buildings, America loses with the attacks no matter how you try and see it.

Then you've got the whole 'Bin Laden and friends already admitted to it, and continue to take credit for it' thing. When you add everything together, the conspiracy just doesn't add up.

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