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Re: Your Own Opinion!!

Originally Posted by Fubukimaru Yukishimo View Post
Oh that reminds me, this pertains to leaders stuff. I don't even let our class president boss me around, why? Because his ego is about as big as the school. He gets elected and starts saying "blah blah blah, no prez has done this but I can blah blah blah". I actually asked what makes him think he's different as a serious questions...he tells me I'm out of line, to shut up, and he doesn't have to answer. And he says my opinion about him isn't an opinion because the logic I used doesn't suit his self-glorified description of himself.
That isn't an Ego...that's just egotistical...huge difference between the two.

By the way, was merely a simple was barely a life story...the fact that you put that much attention on it goes to show you've got nothing better to do with your life...come on, really...don't judge people you don't know anything only make yourself look stupid by doing that...and on that've already done a great job of that.

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