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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Originally Posted by Pride View Post
I Think the United States Did it. plain and simple. Am i mad? Not at all. and before you go saying OMG YOU DIDNT LKOSE ANYONE SO YOU DONT CARE. W _ R _ O _ N _ G . I lost an uncle i was pretty close too. he visited just a few weeks before it happened. If anything im .. proud of my country more than anything, the plan, however some elements have failed, was damn near perfect, and besides youre all 'omg to amke outr country better they killed people?" how the fuck do you think this ocuntry was even started, becouse we killed people. and our people were killed. theres no diffrence, people have to DIE to make things better.
What skewed logic that is, you guys have to end this because YOU HAVE NO PROOF BESIDES A 2nd rate video

it would be different if you had a basis of FACTS and not a bunch of FICTION

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