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Re: All these unexplained things, where and what are they all leading to?

Originally Posted by Ninja48 View Post
...Well if you were to compare this situation to the war in the middle east, then the bigger child would be beating the crap out of the other two children. America ran into the middle east with explosives and placed military bases on top of it. Intervention in this way helps no one.
Really, i think otherwise... hell i know other wise, but you have your opinion and i doubt any facts i give you, you will change your mind

He's probably saying that it's hypocritical; that America has no greater right than another country to carry it's nuclear weapons. But I disagree, America does have more of a right, in comparison to certain radical groups of people. These groups of people would love to have nukes to kill the people they hate. America, on the other hand, doesn't have a particular country right now that it would like to completely massacre.
I don't think america has completely massacred any country, but besides that. Also i don't think it is hypicritical, but when you say that isn't it basically the same thing just shrunken.

We pulled men out of Afghanistan and stuck them in Iraq. It's not that we completely left Afghanistan, it's that we reduced our forces there, and sent extra forces to a place that had nothing to do with our initial fight.
First, are you sure we are not in Afghanastan, because I have a SLIGHT feeling that you are wrong.

2nd, what people are super ignorant about and cannot get this through thier stubborn heads, our war is not, "THE WAR AGAINST BIN LADDEN" it is actually, "THE WAR ON TERROR". Sadam DID have WMDs at some point, Sadam DID use these wmd on his own people. Sadam DID fund many terrorist organisations. and That means Sadam is a terrorist wich we have the means to destroy, wich then leads to the process of destroying them.

Crying to Bush about gas prices is logical, because Bush sent us to war, and war needs quite a bit of oil to run. As oil runs out, gas prices will raise. It wouldn't be so bad if we were losing our oil for a legit cause, but that's not the case.
Free trade.....

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