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Re: All these unexplained things, where and what are they all leading to?

[QUOTE=Ore-sama;747545]ROFLMAO the one with the history of fighting is the big fat kid representing the USA man Hey, US history began when immigrants came butchering the native indians, mind you... and if there hadn't been the introduction of human rights, black slaves would still be wiping their white masters' complacant asses. [QUOTE]

Really..... i would like to know where you get your facts because the US area has been around for lets say 600 years.... how many wars have they had lets say 20..... so 20 wars, now your telling me that the middle east (craddel of civilization) witch has been around for over 2000 years has had fewer than 20 wars, because if that is true, than i need to see this "informational site" but of course there probably isn't one because i guess some people like to come to debate things they hardly know anything about, and have a one-sided veiw on things, while some people try to discuss things they know about.....

Help smaller countries - make me laugh. Up until now, their only help was cutting down the population so there were more resources for the few who survived the "Oops, missed the target, killed civilians - again"-crap the US army keeps pulling on people. Ofcourse, if all my neighbours get killed in a US attack, I get the whole supermarket for myself, unless it's buried under the debris. Thanks for the help, dear USA
WOW!!! after that first paragraph i didn't think it was possible for you to make another one with obscered facts....

smaller countries that the USA has helped

1.) England-WWII
2.) Poland- WWII
3.)China- WWII
4.)South Korea- Korean War
5.) France- WWII
6.)South Vietnam- Veitnam War
7.) African Countries- WWII and forigen aid
8.)Cuba- Helped take down a vicious dictator(sounds fimilliar.... but why don't people whine???)
9.)Panama- Helped gained independance (I have to admitt this was a selfish endever, but we still helped)
10.)Samalia- Tried (i know i said africa but we tried hard to help samalia)

now thats 10..... i don't see any place where we have destroyed the population, but what ever you got that info source that i talked about earlier....

Although many cops are abusive bastards, please don't compare the keepers of the small man's peace to the US government who acts as the very opposite. Thanks. Despite of what the USA think, they are not the world police. Thank god. I would be so scared.
Thats just ignorant, I shouldn't even validate that with a response

*dies laughing*
US just like to complain, in a few years they will be crying about the next axis of evil THEY declared as such. There may have been reasons to go into war, but from Hiroshima over Afghanistan to Iraq, they've always kept overdoing it on the civilians and thereby, stoop down to the same lows as the terrorists they despise so much.
No...... show me facts and then i will awnser

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