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Re: Your Own Opinion!!

Oh my god. When I said life story, I didn't literally mean life story. It's an expression, it's a hyper-bole. Obviously it doesn't fucking make sense. I have nothing better to do with MY life? I at least contributed something USEFUL to the conversation. What exactly did you do? Ah yes, I remember you told everyone something that was completely and incomprehensibly redundant, that nobody can rebuttle. or DO anything useful with, except read it. Stare at it for a bit. And wonder what the fuck the guy was thinking when he wrote it. THAT GUY being YOU.

Omfg, I didn't fucking JUDGE you. Do you even know what that means? TO JUDGE someone? I READ what you wrote, and then ARGUED with it's complete stupidity. IT'S NOT JUDGING YOU. I know abso-fucking-lutely nothing about you except for the fact that you like to watch yourself form words more often than anyone should.

I Make myself look stupid? You have a problem there sir, After you form such words, clearly you do not read them afterwards. Or maybe you would realize, that perhaps this would be stupid to submit into a discussion debating the opinions that people in clicks have or don't have. And for your big fat information I must ALSO state for YOUR benefit that it IS NOT a DISCUSSION of {THIS IS WHAT I LIKE TO DO, WHY I DO THEM, AND WHO I AM...AS A PERSON} Nobody in here is a fucking psychologist. What? do you want someone to come up to you and fucking pat you on the back?

And one more thing, YOU TOLD SOMEONE IF YOU KNEW THEM YOU'D MAKE A HAT OUT OF THEIR HEAD. I don't even begin to understand how you came up with the thought process that ended up with ME being the one that makes MYSELF look stupid.

ACTUALLY, i do make myself look stupid, ON A DAILY BASIS. DON'T TEL LME WHAT TO DO. Because YOU don't know me, so don't fucking judge me
GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (now imagine that 100 billion decibels louder than your average fire truck alarm and you will get the summation of my feelings towards your childish bickering)

If you gave me the letters hrt you could give me [ea] to get h[ea]rt or [u] to get h[u]rt, but I'd rather have hurt than a heart without [u]
- GOD I love that. You could give me a hundred thousand million years and I wouldn't have thought of that.

All this time I've spent trying to change into someone you would love, I didn't notice you changed into someone I can't love anymore. Goodbye My King .


The adulation of strangers.
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