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In hgih school I really didn't belong to any clique. I was apart of the marching band, so in keeping with tradition I would've been considered a band geek. And have been into anime since I was 11, so hey an anime club would've sounded like a ablst to me. There were Magic:the Gathering clubs for crying out loud!
But, I was actually a well known person in school. Not popular, but known by just about all the groups of people. Usually ended up that way becasue the teachers made an effort to have the seatign arrangements changed after the first week, to see who was friends with who. Turned out okay. Than again, I was in a city hish school, not a suburban one, so maybe there was more tolerance. But I was also known for being a protector of my friends and also my opinions. Was considered bullheaded, simply because I was too stubbron to change my opinion on issues that people would get annoyed with me. heh heh
Ah, the good ol' days!
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