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Re: The badass shinobi Fc

i always thought that forehead protector he wore meant lightning as well O.o....when was it said that it's the waterfall?

anyway, i think kakuzu is MORE powerful than hidan, the only reason he can't kill hidan is because hidan's hard to kill...but when it comes to battle abilities and overall prowess, i'd say kakuzu is better...Hidan's just got his cheap 'immortality' and 'voodoo'....
it's pretty obvious that one of kakuzu's special powers is super strength, or as naruto likes to put it 'monstrous', i doubt that kisame has 'monstrous' strength, but he is probably just stronger than your average person (is he even considered to be a person?? <.<)
At this stage, we don't know much about either hidan or kakuzu, but i believe kakuzu will probably have a showdown with the Godaime...their similarities in character tells me future confrontation match up...
both of them have super strength, and both of them love money...

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