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Re: Freedom of speech: Can it survive?

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Your half right. Sadly if you say something offensive in a cops hearing distance if he feels like calling you on it, slander that is, you can go to jail. When you say something harmful that is also slander true. Just like you can get in trouble for Jay walking. Just like it though saying something offensive is usually not called on. Once again its really not freedom of "speech", it is freedom of protest.
That's just not true. A police officer won't arrest me if I call the guy next door a douche bag. It has to be untrue, and it has to harm the person's reputation in such a way that it has the possibility of negatively affecting them. Like calling up your work and telling them you stole money from them, or something along those lines. There's no possible way you'd actually get into trouble for saying something that doesn't actually harm the guy you're insulting. (Assuming you're not harassing people or crap like that, then again they wouldn't get you on slander)
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