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Originally Posted by Fierce
.....How did you see him moving around? It's manga..They're inert pictures. God, that was the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

Anyway; I don't know. That is a really good question that I never thought about. It never really occured to me. I surely have no answer for it. He can't control it though, Shukaku is much more powerful than Gaara. He can't control it.
LOL, I am so glad I am in a good mood and I don't have to crush some young punk that is on daddies computer at home. I base that statement based on the fact of the sound effects that are written out next to the picture dumbass, also we don't see people moving at all in the manga but we still know they move. Actually your response was one of the dumbest I have ever heard, in last weeks chapter we don't see Neji hit Kisame but we know that he did looking at the pictures. What a f-ing moron yeah because we can't seem them doing anything it never happened. How freakin retarded are you to even spout out such a stupid comment.
Originally Posted by Fierce
Are you stupid? In the anime, it clearly states, the seal only allows it so that it can come out when he sleeps. It's not a matter of him controlling it while he is awake. Learn to read, and listen, before you make yourself look like anymore of a fool. Please; and don't waste my time rebelling to your idiocy.
Fierce since your such an expert on the world of Naruto, why don't you just summon up the whole anime for us and tell us what is going to happen in the end. Also why don't you tell us what other jutsu's and techniques Naruto has learned since you know what has been going on in the 2 1/2 time frame they were all away. I know this is something trivial for someone that has all the answers, but we didn't see with our own eyes that Gaara can only control the ddemon when he is asleep. I guess it isn't possible for it to come out when he is knocked out, that couldn't of happened in the 2 1/2 years.
Originally Posted by DeViLB0Y
You must be the "Kid" MPwnez mentioned from last week. Good facts and analysis.

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