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Aruko will become famous soon enoughAruko will become famous soon enoughAruko will become famous soon enough
Thank you Kidistight. You blew his head off for me. Oh well the heck with it, I'll do it too!

Originally Posted by The Almighty Fierce. *cough* I mean the Dorky Fierce
Are you stupid? In the anime, it clearly states, the seal only allows it so that it can come out when he sleeps. It's not a matter of him controlling it while he is awake. Learn to read, and listen, before you make yourself look like anymore of a fool. Please; and don't waste my time rebelling to your idiocy.
What seal? Shukaku isn't a seal. It was reincarnated into Gaara when he was born. That didn't create a seal. And don't say that "Naruto has a seal, so why doesn't Gaara?" because Naruto was already born "As it clearly states" when the Kyuubi was sealed in him. Oh and uh...I normally don't do this, infact I never have, F*** off Fierce. Open yourt dumbass eyes and don't be so fricken biased. Thanks.

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