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Well I thought it'd be a good idea to get more (much more) NaruSaku stuff...

*joins* *injects self with restraining drug*

I'll try to type sanely... okay. I nearly dired when I didn't see this FC, I wonder how many co-owners can their be per FC, hmm just checked the rules and it doesn't say anything about so I'll assume that there can be a reasonable amount, any chance I can be one? Anyways seeing as the fanclub looks dead I'll inject some life into it *goes searching for random fanfics, doujinshi, pictures etc...*

*Goes advanced*

NaruSaku AMV's

These are a couple of AMV's I found whilst searching Youtube

Cry by oliviawantz

Tribute by Anayokari

Since you've been gone by NarutoandSakura2

~Someone~ by NarutoandSakua I love this AMV.

~My heart will go on~ by (guess who) NarutoandSakura2 Gotta love this one too

You're a bitch, Sakura... [but Naruto loves you, anyway] by HagarenOtaku

Naruto and Sakura's dirty little secret by may500

Forgive me, Naruto by EvaAngel

OMFG THIS IS IT THIS IS THE AMV FOR ME!!! Naruto and Sakura's Journey by ThePeridotAlchemist I beyond love this AMV.

I'll finish it off with my one, hehehe which is: The Blossoming Link by RoaringSasuke/YondaimeUzumaki It's the first and only AMV I've posted on youtube, I loved the song and hence did this.

Candy by misssheka

Falling in love, giving it everything by Meekoli This gets a definite 999999999999999/5 in my books, should be watched by all NaruSaku fans.

Everything you want by AnimeGirl500 An excellent picture slideshow, goes well with the song.

Sakura's Bad Boy by Kaishi14

NaruSaku 5 by Chappi Rukia This is a excellent AMV I like how the intros were used, way better than any way I could.

Computer City by NarutoandSakura2

Heaven by Loveanime

Everytime Naruto and Sakura touch by ChibiOokami A pretty old video but good nonetheless.

Millencoin by lNE0Nl

Okay so I'm working on a NaruSaku playlist, it should be done in about a week.

Naruto and Sakura Fanfics

A growing love by ashleyriot I'm still reading this one actually

Catching a light by Yurusane an awesome oneshot

Eternal Misfortune by Gindamsd2 An aweosme story but it's an unfinished masterpiece

Mizukage by Dragon6 This is apparently gonna be a NaruSaku but it has a good stroy so far

The pain of a broken Promise by mysterious-mask

Things happen things change by averyhyperhanyou

Yasha Yokujou by Ice Blue Blossom Easily the best NaruSaku fic I have ever read, I love the story the way that this guy/girl writes and it's NaruSaku what more could I want? 99999/10

True Freedom by MonkeysTotallyRock

The mission by solidflamez

Rise of the Forsaken by The Forsakened One

Experiments by ShivaKashi Okay I thought it would only be right to give a warning this is definitely on the very boundary edge of the teen rating also some yuri.

Naruto and Sakura Pictures

I found this picture album on but why the hell can it not be here too Wow this is like the best source of NaruSaku pics I've ever seen
Beware though 644 pictures it will spell death for 56k users.

Naruto and Sakura Banners

Here are a few of mine, yes the suck to the max but that's the limit of my abilities.

Naruto and Sakura Doujinshi

These are more difficult for me to find so I'll add them later hopefully the rest of the stuff will keep everyone else sane.

Naruto and Sakura Sites

Haha wonder if you ever typed that in

This is another site dedicated to NaruSakuness 6th hokage already posted it but hey why not post it again

I'll get more stuff up when I get the time but for now this should keep everyone happy. Did I go too far or not far enough? Come on people this needs life! We need more NaruSaku stuff!

EDIT: Forgot to include some of my banners
EDIT2: Added more AMV's
EDIT3: Added two more fanfics I promise to put up more

~NaruSaku forever


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