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1: Thats a tough one, I love the original ff series, the newer ones annoy me a little but kickass graphics. I'd hafta say the kingdom hearts series pwns face though, it combined everything I love. Bijou's, hack and slash instead of turn-base, and disney characters XD

2: AXEL! *drools and sighs*

3: ff10. The graphics kicked ass but I got bored with the storyline and the repetativeness.

4: If you mean ff10, its rikku, if you mean KH2 it's probably still the same lol.

5: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

6: both KH, and probably others i cant think of right now (rented the FF games, never bought)

7: If it becomes released and I get a ps3, the ff7 remake. *drools over Reno*

8: I have a thing for redheads as you can tell... *pokes reno and axel* Got a thing for the naruto redhead too. *cough*gaara*cough* Other than that, I'm a big console gamer, not too big a fan of pc games. Hmm... *scratches head* 19/female/canada? lol.

Can I join this fc? :P Square Enix and Konami are my fav game developers XD

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