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Re: Square Enix FC

A good # are not "exactly" Square Enix... but rather from Square Soft = Square Enix...

1: Which Square Enix Game You Enjoy Most & Explain Why
FF9... I really enjoyed the ammount of the story that I got through... didn't beat it ^_^()...

2: Who Is Your Favorite Character You Like Most Of The Game You Chosen

3: Which Square Enix Game You Didn't Enjoy & Explain Why
FF7 *Gasp!* I know... Story was too tedious for me... I am older now so I should try it again... but honsetly I hated the story and Cloud annoyed the piss outa me... Sephoroth(sp?) was cool... but I am sooooo sick of hearing about him...

4: Who Is The Least Character You Like Most Of The Game You Chosen

Yup... that is right... Mr. "I've got a big sword but don't know what to do with it!"

5: The Latest Square Enix Game You've Played
Kingdom Hearts 2

6: Name The Square Enix Games You Currently Have
FFX - yay!
FFX2 - WTF!?!
FF8 - meh... ok...
FF11 - I am so sick of this game....
Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time - I had to start over...
Chrono Trigger - WOOT WOOT
FF: Mystic Quest - Hee hee...
Super Mario RPG - SO MUCH FUN!!!
Valkyrie Profile - still need to play this one...

7: Which Games Would You Be Getting Later In Your Life

8: Post Some Infomation About Yourself
I have a thing for tomboy girls (attempting a followup on Mooch's post).... and that is where I run out of ideas on how to mimic her post.......... Recently became single... I enjoy an occasional beer, but will gladly accept a glass of ice cold milk over a beer or any other booze anyday. Stirfry and ramen are my favorite foods... have lost 80 pounds of wieght in the past 3 years... I really need to clean my appartment...

21/male/Boise, Idaho/ US of the A

Kanon (2006) - One of my all time favorite anime. Very cute... Check it out sometime...
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