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Re: Square Enix FC

1: Which Square Enix Game You Enjoy Most & Explain Why
Final Fantasy 7
This was my first square game, the graphics may be dated by todays standers but the story makes up for that.

2: Who Is Your Favorite Character You Like Most Of The Game You Chosen Even Post A Picture If Possible ( Opitonal )
Lancers from final fantasy tactics.

3: Which Square Enix Game You Didn't Enjoy & Explain Why
Enhuriz:god bless the ring
It was a good fighting game but the controlls were messy and some of the character endings had glitches.

4: Who Is The Least Character You Like Most Of The Game You Chosen Even Post A Picture If Possible ( Opitonal )
That Quina all it think about is food

5: The Latest Square Enix Game You've Played
Dragon Quest 8

6: Name The Square Enix Games You Currently Have
Final fantasy 7
final fantasy 8
final fantasy 9
final fantasy 10
final fantasy 10-2
Dragonquest 8
Enhuriz: god bless the ring
final fantasy tactics
final fantasy tactics advance
Front Mission 3
Kindom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts 2

7: Which Games Would You Be Getting Later In Your Life
The Final remake of Final Fantasy 7, Final fantasy 12,13, versus 13, Kingdom hearts 3

8: Post Some Infomation About Yourself
Well I'm a video game playing machine. Single.... I don't really play pc games mostly a console gamer. I anyone has a question I'm normally the guy to go to. Male/20/Detroit,MI/USA
So am I in or what?

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