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Re: SCARY STORIES...ooh...

one day i woke up during the middle of the night to hear slamming and wierd noises. then there was a blue flash and it instantly disapeared. i check outside and i see a couple of people trying to break in my dads car. they then stopped and pointed to the front door were i was looking. i hid and saw them tyring to peek through when they left i couldnt think what to do so i ran back to my bed and fell a sleep when an hour later the cops came after doing an expection they do everynight and they nticed someone broke in to the car and stole a few thing. on that same night when every one fell back to sleep i heard more noises coming from inside the house and i saw afew shadows walking around i got scared and fell back to sleep in my bed the nexy morning every thing was the same and whatever was in the house didnt take anything.

and i promise this whole thing is true.
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