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Re: SCARY STORIES...ooh...

This is a true happining to my father. My dad and two of his frends, Mr.b and Mr.f (no, i will not tell you there real name) Were looking for a house out on mahat island, and Mr.f's dad tells them that they could stay in a old mantion he aquired for $5,000. he also told them that they did not have to pay rent, but the previos owners moved out because of disterbences in the house. So my dad and his frends agrre, because hay, if you could live in a mantion fro free you would. But about a week after they moved in, they started hearing step,step,step, in the adict. They were all linemen in football, so this din't scare them. This went on for a month, when one night instead of a step,step,step, sound, they heard what sounged like thunder. of corse they ran out of the house and had a few beers and talked over what they heard. They all agread that it sounded like thunder and went back to the house. After saying goodnight and going to bed they heard a scream coming from Mr. f's bedroom. When they got there they saw Mr. f on the ground, his room cover in rose pettles.
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