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Re: post ur funny convo's

I just remembered one.

Kyle: JESS! I seriously need your help, it's en emergency!
Me: o.o;; Okay, what is it? You alright?
Kyle: I dunno what color to use as a primer for my walls, should I use Scarlet Red or Moulin Rouge red? I was also thinking maybe raspberry...

Couple hours later...

Kyle: I'm also pissed because I want a certain duvet, but I can't decide the color.
Me: Wtf is a duvet?
Kyle: A type of blanket, I'm going to use it to cover my new matress, which I'm going to get at Ikea tomorrow.

In another convo, same time...

Me: Kyle's talking to me about the type of matress he's going to get, I swear he's gay
James: Is the matress male?
Me: LOL.

^ some of you might recognize that one from my comic >.> Well, that's the full story behind it ;p
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