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[QUOTE=noblesan6;812061]NL becoming more and more crowded with surprising stuff... hentai fc?... hmm careful at first you may said its just this and that.. later it will be even more complicated... not explicitly detail huh... let see how long is the not explicitly detail is lasts...anyway.. iam just come by... not joining... here i mean coz ive join this kind of thread sumwhere =p starts with the not explicit this not showing that... but at last just in a short time it become the source of hentai anime for the whole asia... let see let see...

Originally Posted by Black Chakra View Post
Hentai=Anime Porn

Anime Porn=Happiness

dont you just be so sure...
in hentai anime there are worst than happiness...

there are torture rape, bondage... even guro... it will never make you happy... even loli is not pleasing sometimes... dont talk about hideous muscular... they will make you vomit..
Well you have a sick mind if you say that the "Harcore Hentai" is wrong becuase it's not the graphics are if you really get the meaning of Hentai it is a very good subject of art!
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