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Naruto Couplings Debate

Well I searched and searched and searched and searched but I just couldn't find a topic which had a topic that was exactly what I wanted, well being an esteemed NaruSaku fan I wanted a place where you could actually debate about the couplings because I have a shitload of stuff to support but nowhere to put it so I thought aha! A debate thread! So all NaruHina, SasuSaku etc ectc fans I wonder why do you like the coupling you do and so you have any evidence of how it could actually happen (I think just maybe NaruSasu is out the window but heh...), so lets start this ball rolling...

I like NaruSaku because I do stick that in your pipe and smoke it and just before I post a double thread I'll serach again and look through all 15 pages of results...*searches* *after first page* I saw like 5 Who will end up with who's or which couple is better but not a *after second page* *even more disheartened* I saw another Naruto pairings thread but again it was favourites not a debate...*continues search*Okay I got to April and thougth any further heck - here would be necroposting so I'll post this in the hope a mod doens't think it's too similar...


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