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Re: Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit

Name: Denkou ken Ikazuchi
Elemental powers :Lightning and Thunder
Shape : It looks like a big shuriken ..which I carry in the back. The blades are different blade is black (Ikazuchi) and the other blade is blue ( Denkou).The hilt is in the middle wrapped with blue and black cloth interlaced.
Shikai Call : Houkou Ikazuchi ( Roar Thunder)Blades combine to 1
Baindo goshujin Ikazuchi - bind your thunder
The opponent loses his sense of balance and hearing
Genwaku chakajitsu- Blinding sound
Besides losing his sense of hearing and balance he loses sight
of me ...all he sees is white.

Bankai form : Koushin Waga Tsuin- Rise my twin
The blade separates as 2 individual swords still same color but my clothing changed to a blue robe and black lining.
Sesshoku za Kyuuten- Touch the sky
Lightning bolts and thunder comes out from both swords
Fukyuu goshujin Ranpu- Spread your light
My blue sword broken into pieces and becomes thousands of lightning bolt...while I still hold my other sword I can attack while opponent is busy with my other attack.

Shouten Ranpu Houbou- Death light everywhere
The thousand lightning bolts in the air strikes me all at the same time and my blue and black reiatsu explodes up to the sky and everywhere killing the opponent.

Avatar form : Twin brothers one is clothed in black and the other in blue.Both have white eyes and blind. More powerful is the one in blue. They speak in unison.
Pros :
With shikai- my speed increase and black reaitsu comes out.
In Bankai form- speed increases exponentially with blue reaitsu more than black. Lightning and thunder works together at the same time with my attacks.Defense is a lightning ball that encapsulates me if attacked and opponents gets electrocuted.

Cons:Tremendous use of reaitsu with a lot of control.Any imbalance of power can destroy me. Will not be good with opponents who has a great sense of smell since both their other senses are already paralyzed.

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